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Farmer's Market Board plans for the 2021 market season
The Farmer’s Market Board has been meeting and making plans for the up coming Farmer’s Market season. Having had a couple of great years of helping vendors provide healthy food and products to the community, the Farmer’s Market Board is working to continue that trend by still providing the market every Saturday from, June 5th, through September 25th, and adding some new events and tools which should help get local foods and products dispersed into the community.

The FM board will be working to bring back all of the vendors you have come to expect being at the market, and bring in new vendors which will expand the variety and availability of the things you can hope to find each Saturday.

The Farmer’s Market website,, has information about all of the vendors who have signed up to be a part of the Farmer’s Market, a calendar of upcoming events and markets, pictures, information about how the market is run and the people who run it, but the feature the board is most excited about is the online store.

Through the online store, the vendors can sell their products through the week instead of just Saturday mornings. Customers can view available products from the various vendors, and get those items pre-purchased. Your items will be available for pick up or delivery Saturday morning. Vendors can increase their sales, and customers can get items purchased from the Farmer’s Market, even if they are unable to make it down to the market Saturday morning. The online market is open Monday through Thursday, with product pick up or delivery on Saturday. The board is hoping to get most of their vendors participating in the online market so there is a wide variety of food and products to select from.

Coming up on April 11th is the Spring Garden Party, to be held at 202 on Washington in St Francis from 11 to 2. There will be food and a seed / seedling swap. It is the first event of the 2021 season, and the board is planning on putting on a great meal of locally raised pulled pork sandwiches with assorted sides, which will hopefully get people excited about the upcoming Farmer’s Market season.

In the works are also a couple of ‘pop up dinners’ which are delicious dinners made primarily with foods available at the Farmer’s Market. The board is working with the CC4C in hopes of holding these dinners at the 202 on Washington location.

The Farmer’s market Board is working to smooth the buying and selling of local foods and products within our community. And they are looking forward to the 2021 market season and events. They hope to see all of your faces down at the market.