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Farmers Market at the St Francis Car Show this weekend
This week, the Farmer's Market will be at the Roadside Park in St Francis as a part of the St Francis Car Show.

More vegetables are becoming ready and will be available at the Farmer's Market, in addition the vendors selling meats, breads, crafts, and salves.

Should be an exciting venue for the Farmer's Market, and we are looking forward to checking out all of the cars, motorcycles, and tractors.

Hope to see all of you there.

Fisrt Farmers Market of 2020
We had our first Farmers Market of the year, and except for the wind, everything went great. It is still a bit early for most veggies to be ready, but there were plenty of food, crafts, handmade products, plants and seedlings, jellies, and even the Health Department getting people to complete the Community Health Needs Assessment.

This was our first Farmers Market with Heidi as the Coordinator, and I couldn't imagine how it could have run smoother. She is a wonderful addition to the team, and having her interfacing with the vendors and customers I know everyone will be taken care of and the FM will continue to run smoothly.

We had 9 vendors attending, and that number will increase each week as fruits and veggies become ready to sell, and as we sign up more vendors who want to display or sell their arts and crafts and product.

We want to thank all of the customers and vendors who came out. I hope the customers will continue to come each week to find what new products are available, and to stock up on the products they depend on. And I hope all of the vendors keep coming out because customers do depend on your products, and the Farmers Market is a great venue to get your product sold.

We have added the website to the FM this year, and if you haven't yet flipped through the pages, you should. In it you will find information on each of our vendors, and the Farmers Market board. There is a calendar highlighting upcoming events, and an on-line store which is open Monday through Thursday. From the store, you can purchase many of the products sold through the Farmers Market. We will box up your order, and it will be available to you Saturday. If you are unable to come down to the Farmers Market to get it picked up, we offer local delivery.

It is our hope to make available fresh, healthy, homemade food and products to anyone who desires them in a simple and affordable manner.

If you have any suggestions about something we can do better, please feel free to let us know on the Feedback page.

Thank you

Meet Heidi, our new Coordinator
Hello, I am Heidi Straub-Marquez and I am the coordinator for the Cheyenne County Farmers Market. I am excited to share some news of the upcoming farmers market with you.

We will be setting up at the Courthouse Park starting Saturday; June 6th from 9-12. Tables and chairs will be available to vendors on a first come, first serve basis. The market will be held every Saturday unless weather prohibits.

Cheyenne County Farmers Market will provide state required hand washing station(s) and will follow state COVID guidelines for Farmers Markets in the state of Kansas. You can view these on the website under Food Safety for Kansas Farmers Market Vendors: Regulations and Best Practices.

Vendors will register one time for the season on the website under Vendor Procedures and Agreement. Vendors will be required to follow state rules for licenses, weights, and paying sales tax. At the end of each market, vendors will submit a Market Sales Report and pay the farmers market board 15% of sales. Included in that 15% is the sales tax for the day which the board will then pay to the state on the vendors behalf. This will reduce hassle and paperwork for our vendors while helping them to comply with state tax laws.

Prices won't be regulated but it's important to charge fair market value so we don't undercut grocery stores or farmers making a living selling produce.

Please bring questions or concerns directly to the coordinator.

A new addition this year will be online ordering. The website will be open for online orders for people / vendors uncomfortable interacting with the public or unable to get out. You will be able to see what’s available and order Monday thru Thursday. Your order will be boxed and ready for pickup or delivery Saturday of the same week.

The website address is: Check out our vendors, the online store, and everything that is happening with the Farmers Market.

I want to encourage you to participate as a vendor and also as a customer! We look forward to providing this need to Cheyenne County.

Current Policy regarding COVID-19 and Farmer's Markets
Guidance for Farmers’ Markets Regarding COVID-19
Updated 3/18/20

There is an updated version of this document: View it here

Can I still have my farmers’ market or similar activity (outside or inside)? Does it matter how many attendees we normally have?
Yes, but you MUST:
  • Limit indoor attendance to 50 or fewer total people present.
  • Arrange to maintain social distancing indoors and outdoors (lines for entry, for example)
  • Not provide any self-service of unpackaged food, including samples.

*** NOTE: Local Health Departments may have ordered closures***

Can I still sample products?
Yes, but you must not offer self-service of any unpackaged food.

Do the vendor tables need to be a certain distance apart from each other?
Yes, you must provide enough distance between tables to maintain social distancing.

Do we have to provide hand sanitizer or wipes?
No, you are not required to provide hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes. However, handwashing is very important to protecting your health. If handwashing is not available, hand sanitizing should be used.

Do I need to clean anything differently?
We recommend following the CDC and KDHE guidance to routinely clean frequently touched surfaces according to the product’s use directions. Some examples of surfaces that should be cleaned frequently are:
  • Touch surfaces of kiosks or ordering screens
  • Doorknobs/door handles
  • Tables,
  • Handrails

Can COVID-19 be spread through food?
  • At this time, food or food packaging have not been identified as likely sources of COVID-19 infection. However, food establishments play an important role in keeping employees and customers safe from infection by following personal and environmental hygiene practices.
    What can I do to protect my employees?

We recommend following the CDC and KDHE guidance to:
  • Maintain social distancing of six (6) feet
  • Wash hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
  • Make sure employees stay home if they are feeling sick (fever, coughing/shortness of breath) or they have a sick family member in their home.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol if soap and water are not readily
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

Keeping food employees and customers safe:
  • Employees should stay home if they are sneezing, coughing or have a fever.
  • Provide customers with additional napkins or tissues to use when they cough or sneeze.
  • Make sure alcohol-based hand sanitizer is available for customers and employees to use.
  • Be sure to frequently clean and sanitize surfaces that may have been touched by customers or employees throughout the day.
  • Consider temporarily limiting self-serve operations including salad bars, buffets and dispensers. Replace utensils frequently (approx. every hour) for self-serve operations.
  • Ensure dishwasher and/or three-compartment sinks are used properly and contain the
    appropriate level of sanitizer and/or water temperature for final rinse.
  • Ensure sneeze guards are in place where required.

Have restaurants, bars, and other food establishments been ordered to close?
Not at this time. According to the CDC, transmission appears to be by “close-contact” and not by food. “Mass Gathering” limits do not apply to normal business operations as long as the business:
1. Preserves social distancing of 6 feet between tables, booths, bar stools, and ordering counters; and
2. Ceases self-service of unpackaged food, such as in salad bars or buffets;

*** NOTE: Local Health Departments may have ordered dining room closures***

Have grocery stores been ordered to close?
Not at this time. According to the CDC, transmission appears to be by “close-contact” and not by food. “Mass Gathering” limits do not apply to normal business operations as long as the business:
1. Preserves social distancing of 6 feet between tables, booths, bar stools, and ordering counters; and
2. Ceases self-service of unpackaged food, such as in salad bars or buffets;

*** NOTE: Local Health Departments may have ordered dining room closures***

Have food processors or food warehouses been ordered to close?
No, food processors and food warehouses are exempt from the mass gathering restriction.

What does my senior meal site need to do differently?
According to the CDC, transmission appears to be by “close-contact” and not by food. “Mass Gathering” limits do not apply to normal business operations as long as the business:
1. Preserves social distancing of 6 feet between tables, booths, bar stools, and ordering counters; and
2. Ceases self-service of unpackaged food, such as in salad bars or buffets;

Because older people are especially at risk, social distancing is very important.

*** NOTE: Local Health Departments may have ordered dining room closures***

For more information about COVID-19, go to:

Soupapalouza Success
The gardeners in St Francis were blessed on Monday to gather and share stories while they lunched on Soups and Homemade Bread. The Cheyenne County Farmer’s Market Board prepared 4 soups: Chili, Potato Soup, Corn Chowder, and Broccoli Cheese. Kelley Milliken, one of the board members, is widely revered for her baked goods. In addition to cooking the chili she also baked fresh bread and cooked rice krispy treats, brownies, and cookie bars. The meal was being offered for a free-will donation to support the Farmer’s Market expenses.

At the same time as the meal was being served a Seed Swap table was provided where folks could drop off or pick up seeds. There are several advantages of a Seed Swap for a gardener: 1) acquiring more seed for free 2) picking up seed that has been grown in their specific location (micro climate) 3) exchanging ideas about seed starting and gardening techniques with other local gardeners.

The CCFM Board has done several fundraiser’s this past winter to raise money for the 2020 season operations. The anticipated expenses are the Farmer’s Market Coordinator salary, signs and equipment, and money to buy ingredients and supplies for future fundraising events. Applications are due March 31st for the Farmer’s Market Coordinator position. A part-time coordinator will be hired to research and enforce Kansas regulatory requirements for food sold at Farmer’s Markets, Kansas sales tax rules, the person accepting the position will be responsible for filing taxes with Kansas Dept of Revenue for all the participating vendors, and overseeing set up and breakdown of the weekly markets. The board will also purchase more signs so that the public will see there is a Farmer’s Market set up behind the Courthouse. The board members have invested their own money into preparing the food for the fundraisers, in the future it would be nice to have the market cover it’s own fundraising expenses – especially with the market hoping to serve weekly hot meals during the market season to raise money.

The Farmer’s Market will be set up in the park every Saturday Morning from 9-12, it will start June 6th and run through September. It will wrap up with an after market harvest meal in early October. Information is available now on their website and there will also be a vendor informational meeting on Saturday May 16th at 9 am that should only last an hour. There is no cost to enroll as a vendor in the Farmer’s Market.

Position Available: Farmers Market Coordiinator
We have an open position as the Farmers Market Coordinator. This is a seasonal position, each Saturday, 9 - noon, June through September, plus a few board and vendor meetings. This is a paid position.

The Market Coordinator is a part-time seasonal position that oversees the weekly Saturday morning market and provides all administrative functions to ensure a successful and vibrant market. The Market Coordinator also oversees promotions, demonstrations and special events.

See the full job description and the position application:

If you are interested in this position, please read the job description and fill out the application. We will accept applications until March 31st.

Soup-a-palooza and seed swap
The Cheyenne County Farmer’s Market will be hosting a Soup-a-Palooza and Spring Seed Swap on Sunday, March 8, 2020 starting around 12pm at the United Methodist Church. A free will donation lunch of various, delicious soups will be served. If you have any unused garden and flower seed that you are wanting to get rid of, bring it along! Swap out your seed for something new and exciting. Information will be readily available to interested producers selling at the 2020 farmer’s market. Come and meet the farmer’s market board, producers, customers and fellow supporters.

The farmer’s market will kick off their season on Saturday, June 6, 2020. Market’s are held every Saturday during the months of June-September. Markets are located at the City Park, Saturday mornings from 9am-noon. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please visit with a board member or visit our website at

Welcome to the Cheyenne County Farmer's Market website

The Farmer's Market Board has come up with this website to better inform the public and vendors, who have an interest in the happenings of the Farmer's Market, about the who, what, when, and why of the operation of the Farmer's Market. It is our hope that we can find a useful way of disseminating information needed by the vendors to better prepare for a profitable selling experience, and for the patrons of the Farmer's Market, we want to give you information about where and when the Farmer's Market is taking place and information about the vendors who are going to be there. And for those are interested in the workings of the administration of the Farmer's Market, we are also posting the open meetings on the Calendar page.

A walk-through:

News Page - Articles and news stories we think you will find relevant. If you have an idea for a story, please let us know through the feedback form.

Vendors - Get information about the vendors who have registered with the Farmer's Market. And there supplied contact information is available.

Calendar - A listing of upcoming events, Farmer's Market dates, board meetings, training classes, and fundraising events.

Pictures - Pictures. If you want to send us pictures you took at the Farmer's Market for inclusion on the website, please send them to

Legal & Minutes - We will post our board meeting minutes on this page. Here is also the legal information needed by vendors before selling at the Farmer's Market. The Vendor Agreement and application form is available and can be filled out and submitted online. Also, the Farmer's Market Sales Report is available as a pdf which can be printed out.

Feedback - A form upon which you can send us any comments, suggestions, pictures, article ideas, information requests, or whatever.

About the Board - Who we are.

Links - Links to other websites. If you want your website listed here, please let us know through the feedback form.

Contact Us - Just another link to the feedback form.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

Privacy Policy - Legal information about the website and how we handle your personal information.

Log in - Only the board and the coordinator have log in access, so don't worry about this one.

If you have any questions about the site, or if you think of anything else which should be on the site, please let us know.